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About UsThis first year Entertainment Trade School focuses on team effort and students supporting students for the success of the individual.  If one student wins, they all win! A maximum of eleven students will be accepted per school year, with that term running for one year. Our concentrated curriculum combined with class projects, teams and mentors is designed to create opportunities for a student portfolio and/or resume'. 

Course work/mentoring is currently being offered in the following categories: music production and engineering, live sound, songwriting, instruments, performing, acting, voice, film making, scriptwriting, directors, fundraising, booking tours, media, team building, social media, management and more. Specific course mentoring offering is dependent on individual student interest. We mentor students in their chosen trade while they work on their own behalf to create their career. 

The curriculum and mentors are carefully chosen to match individual students’ goals. It’s like private lessons with a team to help you succeed in your chosen field. Our instructors/mentors currently work in the film and music industry and students will learn in music and film industry environments. Each school year will offer different opportunities due to student interest and various connections school staff and project mentors have in any given year.

There will be opportunities for students to tour, to take part on movie, TV and commercial sets, in recording environments, plays and concerts. Individual select mentors are Grammy nominated with radio hits and film awards. There may be a chance to opt-in for a second year. This school is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain entertainment industry skills, create a resume’, a portfolio, record, tour, perform, receive film/production credits and/or a fan base. The success of the individual will be an all-school team effort. 

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